When to Start a Family
While Starting a Business

Written by Louis Barajas

Initially, starting a business is like birthing a baby. It takes over all your days and nights. You have to feed it constantly with time and attention. It won’t grow without you.

So when is the right time to start a family if you also are in the process of starting a business. My sincere opinion is that there is no right time, especially if you and your spouse find yourself pregnant during these times. But, if you ask me when is an ideal time, well that’s another story.

The IDEAL time to start at family is when you transform yourself from being a self-employed entrepreneur, when you HAVE to be there all the time without the business falling apart, to when you make the mental shift to becoming a business owner, when you can step away from your business without you having to be there all the time.

In my book, Small Business Big Life For Women – 7 Secrets to Designing a Business To Help You Live Your Best Life, I document the critical steps to create the mindshift needed for the entrepreneur to be able to build a business in which they can use to be able to create the work life integration that is so badly needed to raise a family.

Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t create a job for yourself, build a business. Don’t create a business plan, create a business blueprint.

2. Start your business by seeing it completely finished. Align it with your vision and values of your life’s purpose.

3. If you are doing it all, you are doing it wrong – assemble a dream team.

4. Do less not more, and do it smarter.

Entrepreneurs suffer many regrets, especially when they are not available to be there for their children or spouses. Being self-employed is almost 100% the cause of many of these regrets. I know, I have been through many of these regrets myself until I searched and built for a better way. The BETTER WAY is to build a business from the beginning to help you live a better life not suck the life away from yo

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