What’s Really Important on My Street?

Written by Louis Barajas

Unfortunately, many of us never take the time to figure out what’s truly important to us. Today, right now, I invite you to stop and ask yourself a question: When you reach the end of your life, what will you be proudest of: the hours you put in at work, or the time you spent with the people you love? Will you look back and see wasted opportunities and feel regret, or will you celebrate the moments you shared and cared for others? Are you willing to put in a little time to plan your life now so you can create the life and future you truly want?

When it comes to happiness on My Street, I believe that the most important question is not, “How much money do you have saved?” but “Are you living a life of purpose, one where abundance flows naturally? Do you know who you are, what you have money for, and why? Success and happiness on My Street doesn’t come from money but from knowing why you want to earn it-your reasons for doing well in all areas of your life.

Getting a handle on your finances starts not with how you will handle money, but with why. Ask yourself: why do you want to save, invest, or set a spending plan? What non-monetary benefits will you receive if you learn to manage your money well? To get you thinking, here are a few ideas of ways you can benefit from taking charge of your finances:

  • More confidence about your future.
  • Able to take advantages of investment or career opportunities.
  • Reduced stress. Able to sleep better.
  • More harmonious relationship with a life partner.
  • Able to leave a bad situation, job, or relationship.
  • Able to take the time to find a good job if you are laid off or fired.
  • Able to handle emergencies without having to resort to borrowing.
  • Provide for your family’s future, including education for your children.
  • Able to retire when you want and still maintain your lifestyle.

I believe that everyone on My Street deserves this kind of life. But to attain it, you must do three simple things. First, you must get out of your own way, by eliminating the beliefs and barriers that prevent you from recognizing your own strengths. Second, you need to understand the basics of making the most of your financial resources. And third, you need a little confidence and courage, a willingness to step forward and claim your spot on the sunny side of My Street. My hope is that the ideas in this blog will help you change your beliefs, maximize your money, and give you the confidence and courage to claim the life you deserve.


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